Call for Expo

This expo offers sport business companies an opportunity to launch and promote their sports-related products and services to consumers. Those who like to play sports will have a chance to enjoy and experience assorted, modern and cutting-edge products and services from the world’s top brands.

Additionally, the expo will offer a good chance for partners to meet and build their business relationship with each other, and seek new partners to support their long-term development strategy.

Furthermore, scientists, researchers, experts, managers, professors, lecturers, coaches, athletes and students in Vietnam and from overseas universities who attend and present at the conference will have access to an opportunity to observe, get information about and experience sporting goods and services useful for their work. This is also a precious chance for sport business companies to consult with and receive opinions from sports-related experts on development and manufacturing of their sporting products and services as a bid to improve product value and meet various demands of specific clients.

Main topic: Growth of sporting goods and services in Vietnam

Topic areas

  • Fitness equipment and services
  • Conventional sports training equipment and aids
  • Extreme sports training equipment and aids
  • Golf training equipment and aids
  • Healthcare equipment and instruments
  • Sports training medical equipment and instruments
  • Tourism and recreational sporting products and services
  • Sports medicine and nutrition